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Freemans Gardens bars & restaurants

Rice Boulevard

1440 Secor Rd
Toledo, OH 43607
Phone number (419) 725-2735

If a great, inexpensive sushi bar is what you are after when you're coming through Freemans Gardens with Toledo Limousine, then be sure to check out Rice Boulevard! We've really been so impressed with this one, not only because it is affordable for our budget-minded customers, but because the food is so incredibly good! It blows the other local Japanese restaurants out of the water, and yet somehow it costs less. The teriyaki tofu bento box is one of our absolute favorite choices for lunch. The classic rolls, such as the salmon roll or the spicy tuna roll, or even a Philly roll, are just great. The Korean offerings here are well worth your time too!


1440 Secor Rd
Toledo, OH 43607
Phone number (419) 725-2836

Gradkowski's is an awesome burger and pizza type of place where you can just kick back and enjoy yourself with your good friends and loved ones. Ideally located in the Freemans Gardens area, this is a smart choice for your Toledo Limousine trips and for your own outings. The fresh Maine lobster roll will absolutely tantalize those tastebuds. They've got amazing grilled chicken and mango sandwiches that will make you feel like you've escaped to a beautiful island in the sun. The lasagna is awesome too and they've even got delicious club sandwiches that are just too perfect for lunch! We could go on and on. Great service too!

Toledo Market

3410 Dorr St
Toledo, OH 43607
Phone number (419) 539-4262

Toledo Market is an exciting place to stop and craft your own amazing little Middle Eastern lunch! We're hooked on their self-serve olive bar! You won't believe how low the prices are here compared to olive bars elsewhere in the area. Of course you aren't just limited to the amazing deli items, you can sit down and order yourself a real entree and enjoy an amazing meal. We love that they provide you with bags of fresh pita bread and that there's hot sauce always within reach. Super friendly staff and just incredibly unique ambiance. Highly ercommended! Toledo Limousine customers really dig stopping in when they're in the Freemans Gardens area.

Cottage Inn Pizza

3303 Dorr St
Toledo, OH 43607
Phone number (419) 329-0000

Everybody knows that Cottage Inn is one of the best places to grab a deliciously piping hot pizza pie, and this location in the Freemans Gardens area is no exception. You're not limited to just pizza either! They've got wonderful hamburgers, appetizers, and even ice cream! Located in a brand new building, you can even enjoy the hookah bar upstairs if you so choose. What more could you want? Pizza, burgers, hookah? This is an all-in-one experience. There's a heavy college crowd here, of course, due to the close proximity to campus, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Plenty of seating and they even deliver right up to 4:00 AM! Nice!

The Oasis

3303 Dorr St
Toledo, OH 43607
Phone number (419) 536-3663

The Oasis is such a cool place for lunch or dinner with your Toledo Limousine group in the Freemans Gardens area. They offer up some of the most delicious pizza that we have ever tasted, and when you pair that with some of their fresh juice bar offerings and smoothies, you're really in heaven! They've even got burgers that are served between two grilled cheese sandwich halves... now that's what we're talking about! Pure comfort food at its good and greasy best! They're open plenty late too, until 3 most nights and until 4 on Thu-Sat. Try the half slab of pork ribs, the parmesan garlic chicken bites, or the south western chicken! Everything's good!

Bretz Bar

2012 Adams St
Toledo, OH 43624
Phone number (419) 243-1900

When you want to drink and dance, maybe celebrate a birthday with a fun night a cool club, then Bretz Bar is your Toledo hot spot. This is a fun place to hang out, and the DJ is always playing crowd-pleasing music and keeping the vibe fun. This is one of the most popular clubs in the area and you're sure to see why after just one visit. They have a great drink menu with plenty of beer, cocktails, and wine, so there's really something for everyone!

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