Toledo Halloween Activities

The haunted houses in Toledo are some of the scariest in Ohio. Try to survive your journey through Chainsaw Creek and try to keep your sanity as you muddle through Terror Town. Below are some of the scariest attractions in Toldeo this Halloween and a bit of info on what they offer.

Chainsaw Creek

Home to four of the most thrilling haunted houses, Chainsaw Creek is a great place to go for some true terror. There’s a little bit of horror here for everybody. If you’re looking for the all around unsettling, the County Morgue has you covered. Whether it’s the medical staff or the “patients”, there’s something going wrong in the morgue. Cannibalism? Is it something from the swamp? Who knows, but by the end, you’ll be happy to be out. Another attraction here, the Black Swamp is perfect for outdoor scares. Just don’t let the evil presence pull you too close.

However, there’s nothing scarier than humans, especially the lost souls of Chainsaw Creek’s Asylum. Started as a government funded experiment into the effects of a bad environment on children, the patients of the Asylum have utterly lost their minds. With their symptoms of self-mutilation, violence and seclusion, the patients here are sure to creep you out.

Dimensions of Darkness

Dimensions of Darkness is Toledo’s hotspot for things that make you jump. Visitors are haunted inside of Dimension of Darkness’s several themed rooms. With the skeleton dungeon, you’ll come just a bit too close to realizing your own mortality. Skeletons hang from the ceiling, and some of the most best live actors pop out in front and behind of the guests. The haunted blood-covered bathroom is where you go for a skin-crawling scare. It’s definitely unsettling.

Terror Town

There’s a little bit of everything scary here. At Terror Town’s House of the Dead, you’ll be hunted by psychopaths with chainsaws, scary country boys with shotguns and no shortage of winged, clawed and toothed monsters. There are also great special effects here, so be ready. You’ll come across scary mutations, horrific impalements and maybe even a survivor or two. But whatever you do, do not play hero.

Their other attraction, Big Top Terror, is one the most delirious Toledo Haunted Houses. Twisted carnival music plays as you wait in line, but once you reach the Big Top Terror, the main goal is essentially hallucinations. As you stumble through the haunted tunnels and mazes of the funhouse, you’ll be met with 3D illusions and artwork that’s one of the verge of jumping of the wall.

Lake Erie Fearfest

Featured on several TV channels, Lake Erie Fearfest is one of the most terrifying and best reviewed Toledo Haunted Houses. The props at this place are utterly scary, with crazy dragonesque monsters and some of the most realistic wax sculptures you can find. There are four separate haunted houses here. The Caged haunted house is a maze journey covered in dense fog. Ominous music plays in the background as you run into terrifying creatures.

The Quarantine section is where the real scares are. As soon as you enter, you’re greeted by one if its inhabitants banging, screaming and clawing at the bars of his cell. The inhabitants of the quarantine are pure demented. Here, you’ll see the impaled doctor, his dead physician and body bags littered throughout the hospital. By the time you reach the final room, you’ll have a clear idea of what happened in the quarantine. This haunted house is full of realistic blood and gore, so enter at your own risk. No expenses are spared and no holds are barred.